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This forum provided the public with an opportunity to learn the views of the leading candidates for Louisiana’s next governor and to have them speak to the multiple issues surrounding healthcare in Louisiana. Watch the full live coverage of the event – click here.   Thank you to our sponsors for your generous support!

Get to know the candidates for Louisiana’s next governor better.  Learn about their plans for healthcare. This forum is free and open to the public.

Dying for Coverage Vigil Video captures stories about people who are directly affected by Governor Jindal’s rejection of Medicaid expansion. Real people – real stories of what is happening in Louisiana.  (Video taken on April 3, 2014)      

SB 682 is NOT Medicaid Expansion

Posted on May 27, 2014

HCEL Concerns Regarding SB 682   Ensuring Affordability for Louisiana In the Affordable Care Act, the federal government subsidizes the cost of health insurance for citizens who meet certain income requirements. Does Louisiana have the resources to provide sufficient subsidies to its citizens? If Louisiana expects to receive federal funds to assist with these subsidies, […]

Health coverage expansion in the news

Posted on January 16, 2014

David Hood recently spoke to the Baton Rouge Press Club on the importance of expanding health coverage to low-income Louisianans. Check out what the media had to say about it: AP News: Medicaid expansion debate to resume in Louisiana Louisiana’s former top health official continues push for Medicaid expansion | Hood: Medicaid expansion will […]

There was a time when expanding health coverage was seen as the best way to improve Louisiana’s poor health rankings. Gov. Bobby Jindal supported this idea as recently as November 2008, he was pushing for the “Louisiana Health First” plan, which would have let Louisiana use Medicaid dollars to buy private health coverage for low-income parents […]

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