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The foundation of any successful society is a healthy population. In spite of the fact that Louisiana ranks as one of the unhealthiest states in the nation, many of our policymakers appear to have placed corporate profits and political interests over the health of people. With high rates of infectious and chronic diseases, and a multitude of other health concerns, access to healthcare is a necessity and arguably a basic human right. Denying healthcare to people who are in need is an injustice.

Health Crusaders
are a league of passionate and extraordinary young people fighting for healthcare for everyone. More than one in three young adults aged 18 – 34 are without healthcare coverage in Louisiana. (

That’s why we are here to:

  • Debunk the myths about the Affordable Care Act
  • Encourage young adults and families to access the health
    care coverage available on the insurance “marketplace”
  • Call upon our governor to accept federal funds to cover
    healthcare for our uninsured adults
  • Urge the people of Louisiana to stand up for justice,
    human dignity, compassion, and equality

Expanding access to healthcare to all Louisianans will not only save our state money in extraneous healthcare costs through affordable preventative services and provide more jobs to the growing number of people graduating into the medical field, but most importantly it will help improve individual and family quality of life. A better Louisiana starts with a healthier Louisiana.


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Health Crusaders Hosts Google Hangout LIVE


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Monday April 21, 2014 Health Crusaders and those interested in closing the “coverage gap” hosted a Google Hangout Live Discussion. View the video discussion… HERE.



Health Crusaders in Action


Health Crusaders will be traveling across the state to educate, advocate, empower, and mobilize Louisiana’s millennial generation to stand up and demand healthcare for everyone, not only for those who can afford it or qualify in the current insurance “marketplace.”

Our children’s children will thank us for standing strong and true for healthcare for everyone. Our great nation and state can only be made stronger with healthcare that is affordable and accessible to every man, woman, child, and family.

We won’t stop crusading until Louisianans can feel secure in knowing they live in a state that values their health and well-being.


Thank you Dillard University…

Health Crusaders Tour – Dillard University New Orleans on February 10, 2015





Thank you SUBR…


Health Crusaders Tour – Southern University Baton Rouge on March 19,  2014



Navigators and Certified Application Counselor’s were on site to provide information about the ACA and to assist with applications for the insurance marketplace. The tour included a health fair, free HIV testing, voter registration, free refreshments and lots of giveaways.


See WAFB Channel 9 news story… HERE.



Check back for updates about the Health Crusaders Tour’s next stop!



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